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Helpful advice for children 
living in two homes
Civilized co-parenting

New Program! Navigating The Civility High Road: A conflict assessment and civility training program for high conflict co-parents

Promoting civility, respect and conflict resolution at home, in the workplace and in the community


The mission of The Center for Improved Human Relationships is educating people, families and groups about the importance of civility and its role in creating a better world. 


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Families in Conflict


Dr. Favaro and his staff will help you find peaceful solutions to family problems arising from divorce. Come to The CenterIHR for mediation, guidance on parenting through divorce and reconciling estranged relationships between parents and children who become separated from one another  during or after high conflict divorce.

Schools, Groups and Businesses


Learn about how to promote conflict resolution and civility in your community, school or workplace. If you are a school learn about our civility ambassador program. In communities learn how to promote appreciation of cultural diversity. In your workplace learn about how to manage conflict for greater productivity

Events and Podcasts


Become certified in conflict resolution. Take a parenting course. The Center offers seminars online and onsite as well. Your group or organization can arrange an onsite training in conflict resolution, cultural diversity, parenting education. Stay up to date by checking The Center event calendar.

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The Center for Improved Human Relationships, LLC

Executive Director: Dr. Peter Favaro

110 East 42nd Street 17th Floor

New York, New York 10017

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